Single-payer healthcare coming to Vermont!

Believe, Obama and Political DialogueI usually don’t make posts that don’t take me most of a day to write and edit, but this is the best news I have heard in a long time and I can’t resist. Check it out:

I have myself been without affordable coverage since my retirement from teaching, since to keep my former employer’s insurance I would have to pay full price – along with the deductibles, which makes it perhaps no better than the empty plans that the insurance companies have been canceling. But at least I have “successfully applied” (by phone) for the new coverage and am awaiting a packet with my options.

My son Jonathan, who graduated with a degree in history, journalism, and creative writing from Ball State University in 2008 just when the economy was crashing, is currently employed managing a grocery store (while keeping up his professional skills reviewing music for free online and creating websites for some local businesses) but makes too little income to qualify for Medicaid – so, since he lives in Indiana, where the governor and his Republican legislature have decided that their less fortunate residents don’t need the “enslavement” that federal aid for a Medicaid expansion would entail, will still be unable to afford healthcare despite the Affordable Care Act.

Maybe he should relocate to Vermont? Or maybe “change that we can believe in” will come to Indiana as well!

It’s about time we joined other developed nations and recognized healthcare as a basic human right! (If you ask me, anyway.)


One response to “Single-payer healthcare coming to Vermont!

  1. Right on, Brett! A single-payer plan is the best way to go…for more, see the website of PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Program). –Regards, Ron Pies MD (member, PNHP)

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