Welcome to the new face of my site!

I’ve decided to have my son Jonathan redesign my existing website within the frameworks of the blogging platform. I’m new to all this “blogging” so I hope you’ll all bear with me. With apologies for the long period without an update to this site, here at last it is. I will endeavor to keep it current in the coming months and years.

Passionate NomadsThe big news this year is the publication of my translation of Argentine writer María Rosa Lojo’s novel La pasión de los nómades (Passionate Nomads, 2011, Aliform Publications). Originally publication had been planned for 2010 by a British publisher that regrettably has bit the dust in the recent and ongoing financial crisis, which has hit the literary-publishing world particularly hard. So we were extremely fortunate, at the last moment (in order to keep the generous translation grant I had received from the Argentine government), to place it with Aliform, a publisher from Minneapolis with an impeccable list of Latin American literature in translation.

An excerpt from the translation is forthcoming with the magazine Rosebud, its next issue scheduled to appear sometime in November. Events are also being planned, most significantly at the moment through the sponsorship of the Argentine Consulate in Chicago during roughly the middle of November. Keep posted for further details.

Otherwise this summer I have had a satirical piece of short-short fiction placed in the online journal Potomac: A Journal of Poetics and Politics. With the rather longish title “Three Views of a Single Crime; or, Like Water from Chocolate,” it takes on the new immigration law in Arizona and some of our unwarranted fear of other languages than English. It contains some colorful language, among other things, and is thus not intended for the youngest of readers.

Also in the past year, my essay “On the Creative Art of Literary Translation” appeared in the Fall 2010 issue of the print journal Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies (now with an online presence where, if it has not already, another excerpt from Lojo’s novel is also set to appear).

The essay “A New Existentialist Dialogue of Rhetoric” appeared a few months earlier, in June 2010, online in Tertulia Magazine.


4 responses to “Welcome to the new face of my site!

  1. I like the new look. It’s easy to read, crisp and clean. Enjoyed reading about your many accomplishments.

  2. Thanks, Laurel. Good to hear from you and hope you are doing well.

  3. Congratulations Brett! It has been a great pleasure to meet you and share my stories. Your blog it’s very nice. You have working very hard!

  4. You have worked very hard! I like the pictures too. Many thanks!

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